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Bancroft Arnesen Explore

Hi Water Ambassadors!

We are writing to let you know that some - not all of Access Water’s plans have shifted. We will not be paddling the river this fall. The obvious assumption is finances but actually its time and focus. (the stress of funds plays a small role just not the main role)

BAE and the vision Liv and I have for Access Water on the 7 continents is not really about going down rivers of the world. We envisioned fueling a movement - partnering with others doing similar but different work, engaging young people to the power of their voice and igniting something that would hopefully if done right, go on beyond our last continent and us as old women. 

These last few months our focus has been on the mighty Miss and all the programing we have been building - Not the stability of a sustainable organization. The great news is that we have done some pretty heavy lifting these past months. We have planned out most of the route and the things we will be doing besides paddling. We have an amazing team which is coming in a couple of weeks. We have an amazing land team to continue to create, generate, and grow this org as well as the project. In all the reboots, delays and back offs Liv and I have had over the years, never have we had so many good things in place to keep on going rather than simply rebuild and sort of start anew. So our days will stay long hours and time will go fast, but we are for the first time in years feel ahead rather than behind. 

In the past week, I have talked with many biz folks and all tell me that every org needs to pivot. The good ones - the lasting ones make those pivots when there is a little tension - when it doesn’t feel like they can or should. What I do know today, is that going back to the original perhaps grandiose plan feels energizing - it was never about the river. So we know we are doing the right thing. We now have a chance to bring more people into the fold, build a great campaign (with good swag), get more stable financially, and do more intently deep and lasting things. 

I know you have friends and family to tell and below re some talking points beyond our explanation that might aid you. As always we are a call away for any questions and chats you would like to have. 

BANCROFT ARNESEN EXPLORE advances their Access Water initiative in the second of seven continents.

BAE will launch a 15-month program focused on the Mississippi River starting in September 2017.   

  • Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen (Norway) are joined by their international team of women in St. Paul, Minnesota to launch the Access Water Mississippi River project. The team will visit education organizations, participate in Wilderness Inquiry's Great River Race and visit a woman-owned farm in St. Cloud.
  • Launch 12 months of educational programming to include monthly podcasts, webinars and an inspirational crowd sourcing campaign to build both a sustainable infrastructure and community of globally active citizens who are committed to protecting water.
  • Partnerships such as TPT SciGirls, Girl Scout patch program and Wilderness Inquiry's Canoemobile (floating classroom) will be shared and amplified as part of the Mississippi River journey.

In September, 2018, the International Access Water team of 8 women will paddle the North American leg while being supported by an inspiration-rich digital platform. We will broadcast stories around the globe through partnerships—"Ask A Scientist", virtual field trips and webinars to name a few. 

With a THIRST for playing bigger,
Ann and Liv